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'Realising potential through collaboration and partnership'

Aims and Values

Aims and Values​

We believe in making the ‘national’ locally accessible. ​
We aim to achieve this through the contextually considerate way in which we deliver and signpost national initiatives and policy. This is underpinned by the deep-knowledge of, and links with, the schools in the EMH3 region and beyond. ​

We believe that educational professionals and schools should feel connected to Potentia and the work we undertake.  ​
We aim to be universally recognised within EMH3 and known beyond the region as being reputationally strong, operationally efficient and morally centred in approach.  ​

We believe in an inclusive, open and honest culture that builds mutual trust and respect. ​
We aim to promote this through the sincere, clear and timely way in which we communicate and engage with people. We will work collaboratively and in the wider interest at all times.   ​

We believe in ‘going the extra mile’ to remove barriers around practitioner/school engagement and accessibility. ​
We aim to provide high-quality CPD throughout EMH3 and beyond. We will utilise strategies that overcome factors such as geographical isolation, financial limitation and a lack of understanding around the training that exists in order to broaden access to our programmes. 


We believe in high quality training and support for everyone entering the profession and throughout their career​
We aim to facilitate and signpost professional development opportunities for professionals throughout their career and engender a life-long love of learning. ​

We believe in promoting and celebrating excellence, whilst respectfully and robustly challenging the status quo when it shown to be not working in the best interests of children and young people​

We aim to broaden the reference points for training and support within EMH3. We will equip professionals with the knowledge, understanding and skills to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy, particularly where it isn’t serving the best interests of children and young people. ​

We believe in meaningful collaboration and partnership within and outside of the EMH3 region​
We aim to work constructively with a number of strategic partners both regionally and nationally so that we remain at the forefront of research-based educational improvement and professional development. We will be outward-facing, self-critical and ambitious in our drive for continuous improvement. We will endeavour to match local need and priorities to CPD opportunities. ​

We believe that Potentia should provide a platform and forum through which school leaders and professionals have the opportunity to contribute both on and in the education system within which we collectively operate ​

We aim to promote critical and constructive discussion that lessens dependence and increases the scope for independent thought and professional challenge. This implicitly accepts the rights of professionals to receive support from Potentia, whilst simultaneously fostering a responsibility to contribute, steer and bring capacity to the wider school-led system in order to deliver sustainable and successful school improvement over time. ​