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Appropriate Body Services

What is an Appropriate Body

Potentia TSH provides an Appropriate Body Service for the induction period of Early Career Teachers (ECT's).

As of September 2023, the DfE designated Teaching School Hubs as the core organisations to act as Appropriate Bodies for ECT's. 

Appropriate bodies support the schools and teachers they work with in a variety of ways and their core functions are central to ensuring that schools provide adequate support to teachers at the start of their teaching career. As part of this, schools must ensure that they adhere to the guidelines within the Statutory Guidance when employing teachers.



Appropriate bodies perform the two key roles of monitoring support and monitoring assessment.

Monitoring Support

Appropriate bodies will;

  • Check that early career teachers are receiving their statutory entitlements, and that regard is had to the statutory guidance
  • Provide ECF fidelity checks, ensuring schools are supported to provide ECT's with an ECF-based induction.

Monitoring of Assessment

Appropriate bodies will make the final decision whether the ECT has satisfactorily met the Teachers’ Standards, based on the headteacher’s recommendation.


Registering with Potentia TSH's Appropriate Body 

If you have an ECT who you want to register with Potentia TSHs Appropriate Body service, please follow the appropriate steps below.

Registering a new ECT with Potentia TSH AB

  • Request to register an ECT with Potentia TSH by emailing
  • Sign and return Service Level Agreement
  • Sign up to ECT manager
  • Register your school
  • Register your ECT

Register an additional ECT with Potentia TSH

  • Log in to your existing ECT manager page
  • Register your new ECT

Transferring an ECT to Potentia TSH AB



Potentia TSH Appropriate Body Services

Potentia TSH Appropriate Body for Amber Valley, Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Dales, High Peak, North East Derbyshire.

To support schools in registering their ECT's, we recommend that headteachers familiarise themselves with the documents below.




Potentia Teaching School Hub will cover all statutory obligations of the Appropriate Body as outlined in the statutory guidance for the induction of ECT's. In performing this role we will provide the services below.

Our Services

  • Provide registration with the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) and online processing of associated paperwork
  • Provide induction training and a handbook for reference
  • Fidelity checking of the ECF Framework (appropriate to the chosen route- FIP, CIP, DIY)
  • Provide the ECT with a named contact within the Appropriate Body with whom to raise concerns that have not been resolved by the school/academy
  • Conduct Quality Assurance visits
  • Provide phone/email support for Head Teachers/ and ECT Induction Tutors
  • Provide advice and support to schools in the event that an ECT may be at risk of not meeting the standards (as required)
  • Support for the school through a formal appeal (as required)
  • Support for ECTs at risk of not meeting the standards (as required)
  • Provide additional support and guidance in person through an on-site visit (as required)
  • Make a decision about the satisfactory completion of the Induction period for each ECT and communicate this decision to the TRA, the ECT and their school/college within the required timescales
  • Submit evidence to the TRA and, if necessary, attend an appeal hearing in the event of an ECT failing Induction and appealing the decision
  • Retain appropriate records for at least the minimum legal period (currently 6 years)

Potentia TSH Appropriate Body Fees

For schools who choose the DfE funded Full Induction Programme (FIP) route Potentia TSH will make a charge of £195 per ECT per year, payable at the start of year 1 and year 2.

Where schools choose to follow the Core Induction Programme (CIP), or School-based Induction Programme, the Appropriate Bodies' role now includes 'fidelity checking' those ECF programmes. 

If you require further information about the fidelity checks for the CIP or School based Induction Programme and their associated costs, please contact our AB lead via


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