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It was useful to be able to sit with colleagues in a similar setting, to be able to discuss issues, we were able to learn from each other through discussion.

The session was good at promoting the EEF framework - this is something I will definitely take forward.

Networking with other colleagues and the opportunity to share experiences and discuss different contexts.

The opportunity for discussion and consideration of case studies is useful to see how these would apply to my own setting.

The facilitators were knowledgeable and delivered interesting and fruitful discussion on the implementation phase of the EEF 4-step process. Clear practical examples are offered, and relevant case studies provided.

The ability to speak with colleagues across sectors and to gain a shared understanding alongside reflecting on personal context. 

The opportunity to talk face to face with others about their settings was invaluable. The session was kept at a good pace, which meant we were busy but not swamped with lots of information.

I have a better understanding of how to implement change within my early years and how to support my staff to become better practitioners.



The lesson observations have allowed me to realise that all the other teachers have similar issues as I do, and it was great to be able to discuss useful strategies for such issues.

Some of the content from the programme has made me think and refreshed my understanding of concepts from my own teacher training. It is easy to forget strategies that you learnt at the beginning and a reminder can help you revisit these again.

I have implemented ideas from the training and it has been useful to have evidence-based ideas as I know the reasoning for using them.

I really like the interactive elements of the session. They allow you to talk to others, share ideas and really think about the topic being discussed.

It was all very useful. I do like being able to listen to other colleagues and find out their opinions on things and how they use practice in the classroom.

I found getting to know other ECT's in the area very helpful. We were able to discuss the information presented to us through our own experiences during our first half term and I found it comforting to know others were having similar experiences and struggles as me.

The two facilitators were both fantastic and I really enjoyed the presentation style.

There was a good mix of being given information and group discussions. It was useful to hear what works in other classrooms and have practical tips to use.

Group work and hearing feedback and ideas from colleagues in both similar and contrasting settings.

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