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'Realising potential through collaboration and partnership'


Dear colleague,​

On behalf of the team at Potentia TSH, welcome to our website. ​

We hope that you find it informative and use it as a continual point of reference for your professional development requirements.​

We are dedicated to providing you with access to a singular site that has the most current and pertinent information related the DfE’s 'golden thread' of professional development reforms within our region. Whilst also using it as a signpost for you to access opportunities specific to our region through organisations such as curriculum hubs.​

To assist with your workload, It is vitally important that we help you to scan the horizon for educational developments, providing you with this information in a quickly accessible and concise manner.​

You therefore should be able be able to access what you require related to Early Career Framework (ECF), National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) promptly.​

Potentia TSH is one of 87 national centres of excellence for professional development who are responsible for supporting teachers and schools with a designated region. As your TSH we have been appointed to serve all schools within Amber Valley, Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire Dales, High Peak and North East Derbyshire.​

It is our aim as a TSH to ensure teachers and schools, irrespective of geographical location or financial circumstance have ‘local’ access to high quality professional development opportunities as part of the DfE’s reforms and the ‘golden thread’.​



What is the Golden Thread?​

The current governments aim is to provide a world class education for every child in every school.​

As part of this vision and in reaction to the recruitment and retention strategy, the golden thread of professional development reforms aims to place evidence informed practice at each stage of a teacher’s career.​

To ensure that our pupils have high quality teachers who remain in the profession, evidence informed practice will now be an integral part of teacher professional development. This will begin during ITT years, into Early Career Teacher (ECT) years and throughout leadership pathways via the newly reformed NPQs.​

Each stage of a teacher’s career will focus on specific frameworks which run parallel to, and do not replace the teachers standards. These frameworks centre firmly on particular areas of professional development and are comprised of ‘Learn How’ and ‘Learn That’ statements. These statements are underpinned with evidence informed practice which supports teachers’ professional development.​



Alan Kealy

Director PTSH